Z1 Base CPAP

This travel CPAP is perfect for travel because it weighs only 10 ounces and is only 6.5 inches long, about the size of a soda can. It comes with an optional  FAA approved and integrated battery, that (for most pressure settings) will provide you with a cord free, good night’s rest even if you travel to a place without power. It fits easily into an overnight bag. The Z1 CPAP isn’t just for camping and overnight travel though. It has all the premium features of larger CPAP machines but tucks in nicely on your nightstand at home. Because the Z1 automatically adjusts the pressure, the result is more responsive therapy, a natural breathing pattern, and a more comfortable experience

 Super small  and completely integrated:  The Z1 is the world’s smallest, lightest, most integrated auto-cpap machine. It was designed from the bottom up to be the ultimate travel companion for sleep apnea travelers.

HME Humidification:: The disposable heat moisture exchanger hygienically captures heat and moisture as you exhale so that it can give you moist warm air on every inhale. There's NO NEED FOR A WATER CHAMBER (or distilled water)!

Nitelog Mobile App:  The Z1 works with Nitelog™, the new mobile app for iOS. Now you can have all of your data in your pocket with built in sharing with your doctor. Nitelog™ can also remote control the Z1

  • Seamless syncing through Bluetooth
  • Share your data directly from your device
  • Be involved everyday


  • Small & Lightweight
  • Discrete Size & Shape
  • Quiet Operation
  • Z-Breathe Pressure Relief
  • Auto Altitude Adjusting
  • Leak Compensation
  • Ramp Feature
  • OPTIONAL Integrated Battery
  • Free Data Viewing Software

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