DreamStation CPAP Pro with Humidifier

 The all-new DreamStation CPAP system is the result of multiple years of exhaustive research and interviews with sleep apnea sufferers across the globe. The result: a CPAP machine that is custom formulated to tackle the symptoms of sleep apnea and help you sleep. It's the CPAP of your dreams.

- Fixed Pressure Machine

 - 18% smaller than the previous model, the System One CPAP

 - 28% lighter than the System One 

- 30% smaller, 40% lighter and 63% quieter than the AirSense 10

 - Bluetooth capabilities included 

 - Intuitive menu system makes the DreamStation easy to use

 - Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts screen brightness 

 - Daily progress feedback displays previous 3 nights therapy results to track progress

 - Top-mounted hose outlet rotates 180 degrees

 - Two step air filtration provides additional filtration of very fine particles 

 - SD card stores use data 

 - Detachable humidifier separates so you can travel light 

 - Water chamber is easy to fill and dishwasher safe

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