Breeze Nasal Pillows (1 Pair)


Covidien Nellcor Puritan Bennett - Replacement Pillows and Dilators

Dilators have longer stems than a standard nasal pillow to reach further into the nares of the nostril - This can improve seal for some patients

Size Options:

Size / Color Part#
Small Pillows (Blue) CM011S - OEM# S-616-323-00A
Medium Pillows (Clear) CM011M - OEM# S-616-324-00C
Large Pillows (Green) CM011L - OEM# S-616-325-00A
Extra Large Pillows (Purple) CM011XL - OEM# Y-101-969-00
Small Dilators (Gray)  CM011SD - OEM# S-616-355-00
Medium Dilators (White) CM011MD - OEM# S-616-356-00C
Large Dilators (Yellow) CM011LD - OEM# S-616-357-00C

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