Transcend Travel Auto CPAP with EZEX


This Product Includes:

  • Transcend EZEX AUTO CPAP with pressure relief technology
  • Universal Hose Adaptor
  • Standard 6’ Hose
  • Universal AC Power Supply
  • Transcend Bag
  • Instructional Guides


  • Smallest, lightest and most innovative AUTO CPAP system in the world
  • Transcend EZEX pressure relief technology
  • Weighs less than a pound and fits in the palm of your hand
  • Compatible with any CPAP mask via Universal Hose Adaptor included with Starter System
  • Portable battery-powered APAP-  power on the go with Transcend P4 and P8 Battery Systems, 12V mobile power adaptor (optional accessories)
  • Quiet and vibration-free blower
  • Automatic altitude adjustment up to 8,000 feet
  • Compliance Reporting: AHI and leak detection, 13 months of data storage on-device, downloadable via mini-USB cord, Email-capable compliance reporting
  • Automatic voltage conversion for use outside the US
    Operating Pressure: 4-20 cmH2O, 1 cmH2O increments, Automatic altitude adjustment ≤ 8,000’
    EZEX pressure relief setting (1,2,3)
    Ramp Operation: 0-45 min + 25% time variance, Adjustable starting pressure
    Compliance Information: AHI & leak detect, Total therapy hours: Therapy session ≥ 8hours, 6 hours, and 4 hours, Total blower hours, 13 months daily compliance storage
    Dimensions: 6.1 in x 3.5 in x 2.8 in
    Weight: .94 lbs
    Sound pressure level: 26.6 dB
    Power Supply: 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 18VDC, 1.67 Amp
    Air filter: Disposable filter media
    Operating Range: 41° -95° F, 10%-80% relative humidity, non-condensing
    Storage Range:  -4° -140° F, 10%-95% relative humidity, non-condensing
    Warranty, 3-year Manufacturer’s Warranty
    Recommended Accessories:
    • Transcend P8 Battery™
    • Transcend P4 Battery™
    • Transcend Portable Solar Battery Charger
    • Transcend DC Mobile Power Adaptor
    • Transcend Docking Station

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