Transcend Overnight P4™ Rechargeable Battery


  • Up to 9 hours of power at a pressure of 14 cm H2O.
  • For use with pressure settings 4-14 cm- H2O.
  • Recharge time is about 5 hours with completely depleted cells.
  • Recharges in-line with AC or DC adapters.

Overnight P4™ Specifications

Battery Type: Proprietary Design Lithium Ion Battery. 14.4 VDC, 4S1P Li-ion. Rated for 300 Cycles on Average.
Charge Indicator: LED
Recharge Interfaces: Recharge using Transcend’s Universal AC Power Supply or Accessory Mobile DC Power Supply. The battery will recharge whenever attached to AC / DC power, regardless of whether the CPAP is operating or not.
Recharge Time from Completely Depleted Cells: less than 5-hours on average.
Dimensions: The P4 battery measures approximately 4.1 x 3.15 x .9 inches.
Weight: The P4 battery weighs .6 of a pound.
Average Operational Times: The P4 battery will power the Transcend for 7-9 hours at 14cm H2O. 
Operational Pressure Range: For use with pressure settings of 4-14 cm- H2O.
Warranty: 9-months
Standards Compliance: UL 2054 (2nd Ed.): 2004, IEC 62133 (1st Ed.): 2002, IEC 60601-1-2 EMC compatibility

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