Let the Freedom be Seen!

Happy Independence Day!

(we're almost there..)

We will always think of Independence Day as a moment of revival as we shouted freedom to every corner! 
With such an increase in Veterans claiming for disability, we want you to feel the same as you gain your freedom from your Sleep Apnea!

Did you know?

Research shows that out of 300,00 Veterans 74% of them had sleep issues! But out of those 74% only about 28% had talked to their doctor about any sleep issues. Why wait on your independence when you can have it today?!

There has been a huge rise in Veteran claims on Sleep Apnea from 2009 till now that could push you to support the cause of beating this sleep disorder! 
  • Out of this rise in claims 94% plus of sleep apnea claims are from veterans from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. These veterans have had the greatest awareness of this condition. Veteran's conditions such as TBI, PTSD and Military Trauma have strong and direct connections to sleep apnea.
  • It is also now known that Agent Orange exposure could cause sleep apnea!
Having such a rise in disability claims jump over 150%, you deserve to be climbing to the top of success mountain screaming FREEDOM instead of sitting on your bed waiting to take action. 

Don't be the missing 46% & get treated! 

Step 1: Go see your doctor and actually talk about your symptoms.

This step might be obvious sometimes but it's the easiest to avoid because we can solve everything, right? Well, sleep apnea is not one of those things! we can't take this on alone, and need an army of support! Let us be by your side and have your doctor check your medical history symptoms and decide if you need to get CPAP therapy. With this first step, you will be able to take hold of your CPAP therapy! 

Step 2:Get a sleep study done and have your doctor review your results. 

Once your doctor decides that you need CPAP therapy, you will be sent for a sleep study. Here you will get your prescription to see what are the best tools to help you fight this battle. 

Step 3: Choose your Machine! 

Your CPAP machine will be your right hand (wo)man in this process so you want to choose wisely! Visit  nationwidemedicaldirect.com and get assistance purchasing the right support to have by your side. How are you going to win without the proper support?  

The cost of not taking action? 

If not treated, it could cause depression, other mental health conditions or worse! How frightening to not be able to continue the fight against this constant sleeping problem.

You deserve your independence why not have it at home too! 

 Already own a CPAP? Don't forget to clean it w/ SoClean click here to read last month's blog! 

Get treated today, so on THIS independence day month you can celebrate with ease! 

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